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Flash House & Dance Music 80s 90s

Flash House & Dance Music 80s 90s

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 Quem tem esses cds para Postar aqui no Fórum

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Deejay Busologo

Deejay Busologo

Sexo : Masculino
Nº de Mensagens : 187
Localização : Jardim Bairro Campestre,Santo André
Registrado em : 14/08/2010

Quem tem esses cds para Postar aqui no Fórum Empty
MensagemAssunto: Quem tem esses cds para Postar aqui no Fórum   Quem tem esses cds para Postar aqui no Fórum I_icon_minitimeSáb Fev 18 2017, 14:45

Top Ten Djs Paradoxx Music

01-Dj Chiquinho Alves-Get This Feeling
02-Dj Gasparian-Lumina
03-Dj Kezinho-You're In A Disco
04-Dj Marcelindo-Space One
05-Dj Max-React
06-Dj Rogerinho-Stealing Around
07-Dj Ronaldinho-Get Off I'm Mixxing
08-Dj Tigrão-Abstract
09-Dj Tom-Clap Your Hands
10-Dj Zé Pedro-Specially For You
11-Dj's United-Uhhh Uhhh!
no forum tem mas o link está quebrado

In The Mix Presents: Techno by Dj Edinei-Paradoxx Music

1-Hot'N Horny - Gimme That Ass 6:22
2-Fab Flavour -Feed the Kitty 4:37
3-DJs United - Uhhh! Uhhh! 4:05
4-Das Boxenluder - Billig 3:27
5-Supersonik -Stop! Don't Stop! 4:21
6-SQ-1 - 1,2,3 4:59
7-Silver Techno - Diga Me 3:55
8-Lexy & K.Paul - The Greatest DJ 4:34
9-Mallinaga, Fallasco - Es Como la Cocaina 4:33
10-Score feat. The French People - Et 3-0 3:53
11-Misha Gattengo - Kelly's Theme 4:20
12-Singer Voice - Trance Cathedral 5:20
13-Marmion- Schoeneberg

Gabrielle-Many Faces Fieldzz Discos

02-Tonight is the night
03-Can't You Feel It?
04-Never Knew Love Like This Before
05-Love Me Baby-cd era uma vez internacional
06-Sect Industry
07-Tell Me Tha You Need Me
08-Take Away
10-Only The Strong Survive
13-Festa do Amor

Lu D Blond-Genius of Love Fieldzz Album

1-Genius of Love
2-Dame Dame
3-Summer Holiday/El Verano Es Una Fiesta
4-To Sir With Love
5-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun(remixx)
6-Show Ne Da Blond
7-Under The Boardwalk
8-Shimmy Shake
9-Ponela Socala
10-El Ritmo del Placer
11-No Me Dejes Sola
12-Genius of Love(remix)
13-Dame Dame(remix)
14-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Rapidez 10 Transamerica Fieldzz Discos

1 - Outta Control-Together in electric dreams 
2 - Cynthiana-Don't speak 
3 - Chumi Dj-Come back before you leave 
4 - N-Trance-D.I.S.C.O. 
5 - Galaxy-Freed From Desire 
6 - Sandy B-Make the world go round 
7 - Dr Gee-Human 
8 - Dj Funk-Work it 
9 - Look Twice-get up 
10 -2 Colors- Love and emotion 
11 - Nuance feat.Caress-Give me a just a little more time 
12 - Super Marvelous-Drop the top 
13 - Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers-Jive bunny and the mastermixers 
14 - Sasha-Evviva a vida 
15 - 24 Hours-I'm gonna feel you 
16 - Hitmakers-Feelin horney 

Dance Team-By Leandro Resende Fieldzz Discos

01 - Home Boys - Center Boys [5:13]
02 - El Team - No Se Puede Dormir [3:54]
03 - N-Trance - Stayin' Alive [4:03]
04 - Dance Team - Dance With Me, Baby? [4:24]
05 - Rosabel - La Puta [4:54]
06 - S.O.F. Feat. Akiko - House Music [6:52]
07 - Mr. Spliffy Feat. Plan B. - Pass The Dutchie
08 - G.R.G. Feat. DJ Carlos - I Don't Wanna Go With You Like That [5:10]
09 - Dance Team - S-S-S-Smokin'! [4:37]
10 - Fool's Fiddle - Oh, Susana [4:00]
11 - Maja Blond - Hold On [6:21]
12 - C.J. Lewis - R. To The A. [3:54]
13 - Real McCoy - Come And Get Your Love [4:38]
14 - Skunk Traxx - A Little Higher [6:33]
aqui no forum tbm tem mais esta quebrado

Hits Container House records rap

01-Asimov-Yellow River(Country mix)
02-By Candy-In The Name Of Love(Love Mix)
03-E-Male-Let's Dance
04-Daisy Dee-Just Jump
05-Might V-I Can See
06-Artict Art-Iceland
07-The Missing-Mission Impossible Theme
08-Miky Mouse-Doctor Love
09-D.D.Project-A Horse With No Name
11-Astrid-Ride Again These Waves
12-Street Band-Two Princes
13-Karen-Ooh La La La(Dance La La Mix)
14-Hypnotic-Ipno Slow

BPM BY Beto Dj Pontocom Records

01-Dj Tracker-Cosmo(the beginning 5574remix)
02-JZK-Feeling Love
03-Dj Tracker-Lets All On The Body Move
04-Groove Energy-Baby Dance
05-Dj Tarcker-Samba Samba
06-Phillip Braunstein-Som de Escritorio
07-Dj Tracker-The Moontrancelvania
09-Dj Tracker-Sounds Of Soul
10-Dani Mart vs Pacman-Batuk
11-Dj Tarcker-Wake up
12-Techno Mustang-Really Out 2002
13-Philip Braunstein-Anairda
14-Nando Barth-Cuicass

Voltagem Maxima Indie Records

01- Mark U.C & Gab V-Don't touch the button 
02- 2XM-Broadcad system 
03- DJ Professor-The professor X 
04- Badlock-Injection 
05- Nyc Project-The morse code 
06- 2xm-Pussy 2000 
07- Dj Professor-Latino 
08- Brinquinho Dj-Love of life 
09- Delirium-Scream 
10- Badlock-Get up 
11- Nyc Project-Channels 
12- Ice Mix-Come together 
13- Dj Teck-Groove latino 
14- Deep Sound-Feeling
Dance Mania vol.12 house records 

Let's Listen Dance House Records 

1-Andrew Sixty-Oh Carol
2-Amadeus-Move Your Way
3-Jill Dreski-Let Me Know
4-Megatronic-Into The Fire
5-Dynamo-Vision Of Love
6-Andrew Sixty-Fever
7-Plus Staples-Move Alright
8-Marvellous Melodicos-Sing Oh!
9-Mery Chunga-Mini Pisello
10-Sway-Open Up To Love
11-T.F.O. Feat Histeria-Magic
12-Allarme-So Good
13-East Side Beat-Music
14-Mig 33-Mig 33
tem no fotum mas esta quebrado o link

Pista Cheia vol.02 Fieldzz Discos

01-ATB-Don't Stop
02-The Lawyer-I Wanna Mmmm
03-Dj Dero-Energia
04-THE Mp4-Get Down And Up
05-The Hackers-Que Comiece La Fiesta
06-Channel 2-Back Again
08-Prestige-Put Your Hands Up(99 remix)
09-Eiffel 65-Blue da ba dee
10-Chilli Hiffly-Is It Love
12-Groove Zone-Eisbaer
13-Big & Tall-Turn Around
bonus flash
14-Jocelyn Brown-Somebody Ele's Guy

Radical Dance BY Alexandre Frota Fieldzz Discos

1-Anat-Without you
2-Real Motion-Back For Good
3-Scrub-Smaltown Boy
5-N-Trance-Electronic Pleasure
7-Centronella-Break(Settaanto Micky Tricky remix)
8-Soundmaster T-Too Much Booty
9-B.B.M-Welcome to the Party
10-Dj Space C-Jump
11-Corale-Sunday Bloody Sunday
12-Lu D Blond-Summer Holiday
13-Tracy Anne-Tonight
14-TKC Overload-Living In The Jungle

Top Hits 97 House Records Rap

01-Proyecto Latino-Fiesta Caliente
02-Sammy Bloom-Holiday
03-Los Argentos-No Hay Laburo
04-Victory-Fall In Love With Me
05-Las Primas-Summer Holiday(hot mix 97)
06-C.J.Anderson-Strange Way To Love
07-Paul Harris-Love Song
08-Free Box-You've Got To Be My Baby
09-Cupido-Historias de Amor

10-Playahitty-I Love The Sun(remix)

International Top Hits VMP RECORDS

1-Ghez-Ready Or Not (Bell Mix)
2-B-One-It's A Shame (New York Radio Edit)
3-Heartclub-I'd Love You To Want Me (Factory Team Mix)
4-Daly Feat. Arthur-Anywhere Is (Extended Mix)
5-Alexia-Number One (Radio Mix)
6-Fanny Cadeo-I Want Your Love (Alternative Mix)
7-Rochelle-I Love You Always Forever (Definitive Mix)
8-Mr. John-It's Not Too Late (Blue Jeans Version)
9-PC Groove Sensation-Sweet Love (Jazzy Blue Radio Mix)
10-Andrew Sixty-You Got It (Sing Mix)
11-Tracy-Push! (Radio Mix)
12-Street Gir-Wannabe (Single Mix)
13-Gianna-Woman (Dance Vers.)
14--Karen-Ooh - La - La - La (Dance La La Mix)

15-D.D. Project-A Horse With No Name (Club Version)
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Quem tem esses cds para Postar aqui no Fórum
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